Travelling is a state of mind not only a phisical experience. We usually use it to escape from our ordinary life just for a little time.

But some people make a living out of travel. That’s what vlogger Christian LeBlanc, also known by his stage name Lost LeBlanc, done when he quit his 9 to 5 job and now follows his dreams with every adventure. He started filming his trips and posted them on YouTube which earned him more than 500,000 subscribers.

Life is about taking risks and that is exactly what LeBlanc done to achieve happiness and is now able to follow his passion of traveling and share it with the world.

Travelling is also a great way to experience new cultures and learn amazing new things. Steve McCurry does this through photography and shows the amazing cultures a country possesses. His use of striking colors shows how bold a tradition could be and makes the viewer feel like they’re in the photograph.

Inspiration for creation is right around the corner so go out there and have fun!

We are not telling you to quit your job and have no plan of what you’re doing or where you are going but taking small steps towards your dream life is necessary to make your dreams, reality.

Get inspired with Lost LeBlanc.

Get inspired with Steve McCurry.

We are always hearing more and more talking about mindfulness and its secret of happiness, but what is really it and how can improve our life? What is that really matter in being mindful?

We of GEM are approaching this state of mind collaborating with great organisations like The Macrobiotic Association and The Feng Shui Society. The philosophy on their both are based has its roots from the thousand-year old asiatic tradition, bringing us to knowledge a different perspective of living our life in connection with a deeper universal order.

Mindfulness is a natural human quality and we all have a natural capacity for awareness. With practice, mindful awareness can be developed more helpfully in everyday life, allowing us to live more fully and clearly in the present moment where life is really available, without worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.

This is the way to get more in touch with what is going on in our thoughts, emotions, physical and sensory experiences. Through Mindfulness we can recognise the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives and improve our well-being.

Then we can experience the richness and joy of life, but also strengthens our ability to respond to difficulties more skilfully. It helps us to develop greater patience, curiosity, kindness and perspective.

“Walking with me” is a beautiful and touching movie we want to suggest to discover and become more interested in what we are talking. Take a look